Solo rider


Support Vehicles:

  • Solo support vehicles must take the designated route directly to Waterpoint 1, Waterpoint 3 and Waterpoint 4.
  • Solo riders & support points are at Waterpoint 1 ( Stofberg), Waterpoint 3 (De Villa lodge,Loskop dam) and Waterpoint 4 only.
  • No vehicles will be permitted to travel back against the direction of the route.
  • Support vehicles are not permitted to stop anywhere between checkpoints along the route unless special permission has been granted. Such vehicles will have an OFFICIAL or MEDIA sticker on. Medical vehicles are allowed to stop to provide medical assistance.
  • Support vehicles are not permitted to render any assistance to any riders on a stage (unless deemed an emergency)
  • Support vehicles are not permitted to drive behind, next to or in front of their team rider/s to offer assistance of any form (eg: additional lighting).
  • Speeds of support vehicles are to be kept to a maximum of 40km/h when passing riders.
  • Always be aware of riders coming from behind on a descent.
  • Support vehicles that are found to be purposefully breaking the above rules will result in the disqualification of their teams.
  • All team litter and refuse is to be removed by the support vehicle responsible for that team.
  • No flashing or strobe lights allowed on support vehicles.


Support vehicles are not allowed to overtake riders on descents. Should you happen to be behind a rider on a descent you need to stay a safe distance behind the rider until the road flattens out or on an uphill. Make sure it is safe before you overtake the rider.


Route files will be available for download the week of the event. Keep watching our social media channels and your inbox for any updates.

Stages and rider participation

All riders have to follow the official race route. Any deviation from the route will lead to disqualification.No rider may ride more than their designated stages. A rider may NOT continue riding onto the next stage. Doing so will result in that rider being disqualified.


Your support vehicle is only allowed to stop at the WP1, WP3 and WP4. Stopping anywhere else along the route is strictly prohibited. No support vehicle is allowed to turn around and drive back along the route to look for or assist a rider. Riders may only receive assistance from support crew at the Checkpoints.


All water points are checkpoints.

Support Vehicle Map

Adhering to the race rules is extremely important to ensure everyone’s safety and to make the event experience a pleasant one for all involved. The list of rules is quite comprehensive. Please read through them. No exceptions will be made.


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