Welcome to ‘tough’. Welcome to the first-ever Cullinan2Tonteldoos Ultra MTB Descent! Today you will be making history.

This race is the embodiment of endurance, grit and perseverance. By completing this race, you will know that you can push beyond your perceived limits, that you are much stronger than you think and that you are able to go much farther than you thought was possible on a bicycle.

We wish every rider a safe and memorable journey!


TIME: 04H50 | WHERE: Dunkeld Country Estate (Equestrian Centre)

*Remember your SAS board. You can also buy one at registration for R60.


WHERE | Dunkeld Country Estate (Equestrian Centre)

TIME | 06H00

NEUTRAL ZONE | First 2.5 km from the start

  • There will be FREE coffee for riders at the start to ensure a much-needed caffeine fix.
  • PVM Octane energy mix, energy bars and gels will be available for riders to stock up on.


  • Rider SAS board – please collect at registration if you bought one online.
  • Rider wristband – receive at registration.


  • Riders need to pack a small drop bag to be handed in at the designated station in the parking area.
  • This bag will be collected at WP3 – the halfway mark.
  • The bag must contain a set of charged lights which riders will mount at the halfway mark ready for the evening stage.
  • Also, pack warm gear to wear during the cooler hours of the night.
  • Hand back your drop bag to be collected at the Finish from 6 pm.
  • Riders MUST remember to collect their drop bag at WP3 and mount their lights, as this bag will only be seen again at the Finish.


  • Riders who have booked the vehicle transfer service may drop their vehicles off at the Vehicle Transfer Drop Zone.
  • Please remember to hand in your keys at the vehicle transfer gazebo in the parking area.
  • Your vehicle will be transferred to the Finish where you can collect the keys again.


Route files will be available for download below. Keep watching our social media channels and your inbox for any updates.


Start to WP1

  • 43 km.
  • 410 m of elevation.

WP1 = @ 43km (Stofberg)

  • Enjoy a hot coffee and a crunchie.
  • Ride 31 km with 505 m of elevation to reach WP2.
  • WP1 also serves as a Spectator Point.

WP2 = @ 74km

  • Delicious mince vetkoek, quiche, salted potatoes will be served over and above the standard fare.
  • Ride 47 km with 223 m of elevation to WP3.

WP3 = @ 120km (De Villa Lodge, Loskop dam)

  • Jaffles, pancakes, potatoes, sausages.
  • WP3 serves as the handoverpoint for the relay teams.
  • WP3 is also a Spectator point.
  • WP3 also serves as the tech point manned by Specialized.
  • Note* R15 Spectators entry fee applies to enter de Villa Resort.
  • Here riders will collect their drop bag to fit their lights and get out their warm gear for the evening stage.
  • WP3 cut off time for riders is at 15:30. You need to leave WP3 by 15h30 if you want to finish in time for the 24-hour cut-off.
  • Ride 47 km with 705 m of climbing to reach WP4.

WP4 = @ 168km (R25)

  • Snack on Bovril sandwiches, frikadelle, peanut butter sachets, potatoes.
  • Coffee/Hot chocolate.
  • WP4 is a Supporters Point.
  • Riders will ride 45 km with 570 m of elevation to arrive at WP5.

WP5 = @ 213km

  • Take some time out to enjoy a meal of chicken soup and mielie bread.
  • Only 42 km with 300 m of climbing before you reach the Finish!


*Important: No support vehicles will be allowed on the race route. It will lead to disqualification of your rider.
All supporters MUST follow the dedicated support vehicle route to reach the Supporter Points at WP1, WP3 and WP4.
Click HERE to download the Supporter Route File.
Please avoid the cycling route.



  • If a rider, for any reason, decides to withdraw from the race, they need to inform race office immediately. Send a photo of the SAS number board to the dedicated Wati number 060 747 8286 informing them of your withdrawal.
  • Should a rider find that they are unable to finish, there will be a sweep vehicle to pick them up. They will be taken to WP3 if they break down in the first half or the Finish if they break down in the second half. Riders must make own arrangements for pick-up from there.
  • Riders can make their own arrangements to be picked up from the route, but please inform race office of your withdrawal.
  • The sweep vehicle will follow the last rider to the finish: Victor – 073 647 1463.
  • The tech zone will be manned by Specialized and will be situated at WP3.
  • Emergency Number PUBLIC SAFETY: Iain 082 570 5184
  • Emergency Number PUBLIC SAFETY: NIC 074 144 4677


Collect your beautifully designed finisher’s shirt at the Finish with your bespoke black finishers medal.
Relay riders who complete the first leg will receive their shirt and medal at the Halfway mark.


compulsory gear

  • Space blanket.
  • Whistle.
  • Rear light on your bike for visibility at all times.
  • Bike light for the night riding.
  • A GPS device with the route file loaded and running.
  • All the basics for on-the-route bike repairs like a broken chain or a flat tyre.


  • CSA rules apply.
  • The race is mainly on gravel, but also on public tarred roads.
  • Please obey the traffic rules at all times.

Additional Info

  • Results will be uploaded on the website.
  • Race updates on our social media platforms.


Venue = Cullinan Sports Grounds.
A self-service bike wash will be available at the finish.

team of 2 relay

How does it work?

  • Rider A hands over to Rider B at WP3 at De Villa Resort, Loskop dam.
  • When relay riders hand over to the next rider, there is no physical handover.
  • Rider A coming in will tap Rider B who will start the next stage.
  • A relay rider who has finished his stage will swop his armband for a medal and finisher’s shirt at the handover point.