C2TUltra is a 260-kilometre mountain and gravel bike race from Cullinan to Dunkeld Country Estate over 24 hours.


16  April 2021


The Cullinan to Tonteldoos MTB Ultra gravel race will take riders and their support crews over 260km of unmarked district roads. The journey starts at the historic mining village of Cullinan in Gauteng and finishes at the upmarket Highland resort Dunkeld Country Estate. Historically the race ended at Tonteldoos, however, for logistic reasons the race finish is now at Dunkeld Country Estate, Dullstroom. The route takes you through unspoiled scenery on an open gravel road that will challenge you both mentally and physically. Experience the sunrise perched on your mtb and cruise into the sunset for a magical night ride under the stars. Expect to finish at around midnight at the renowned Dunkeld Country Estate who will welcome you home with open arms. Spend the remainder of the weekend relaxing with the family at the beautiful Highland resort.

Who says your journey has to end when you’ve reached the destination…

Mountain bikes bring you places cars never see. Watch the Cullinan to Tonteldoos 2019 & 2020 journeys here.


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